About ProVas Management Partners

Reductions in CMS reimbursement are driving the shift to ASCs for many peripheral vascular and coronary treatments. For some treatments, ASC reimbursement is higher than 150% of an OBL. Reimbursement for peripheral artery disease access may be higher in an OBL, but this alone will not be enough to sustain your business. Moving ahead, OBL reimbursement can only be expected to change under CMS’ mandate to lower costs of care.

ProVas Management Partners offers a diversification model for maximizing reimbursement and expanding revenue. Our Vascular Laboratory Centers combine an OBL and ASC in one operationally efficient facility. This allows physicians to bill through the ASC or OBL accordingly, optimizing CMS reimbursement per procedure. Expanding an OBL into this hybrid ASC also generates new revenue by adding specialties designated for an ASC.

ProVas Management Partners plans, develops, and manages ProVas Management Partners as minority partners with physicians.

The Value of ProVas Management Partners

  • ASCs are complex healthcare businesses requiring specialized expertise. We understand this business inside and out. In our 35+years, we have planned, developed and managed over 100 successful centers in partnership with physicians across the US.
  • We have helped shape the ASC industry and are renowned nationwide innovators.
  • We are business and operations experts in OBL and VAC businesses. Highly experienced in operations and clinical competencies, valuation models and accessing capital for expansion.
  • Well-versed in the reimbursement changes, CMS strategies, and nuances of managing a Vascular Laboratory Center.
  • We are your experienced, one-source partner for all phases of development, from the idea stage to opening.
  • We are experts in the day-to-day management of ambulatory care business, with proprietary systems and national benchmarking to ensure efficiency, profitability and exceptional patient care.
  • We have a strong foundation in physician recruitment to drive revenue through specialty healthcare businesses.
  • We are experts at maximizing reimbursement, revenue, profitability and managed care contract performance.
  • We are a privately owned and operated company with an accessible and accountable team.

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